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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion

Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – The Mystical Path to Truth

Modern science, following the materialistic paradigm, looks outward for truth, far out among the galaxies or deep within the atom. But there has long been another way to the truth; this is the inward journey of the mystic; the voyage through the realm known as consciousness. The mystical vision should not seem too strange, since many of the world’s great religions began with the mystical vision of a spiritual pioneer, such as the Buddha, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammad. Modern physics searches for the theory of everything; the mystics search for truth. Are these the same destinations with different names? On this show, host Philip Mereton talks with a true mystic, Carol Romine, author of the new book, Avatars of Consciousness. Carol’s visions have led her to see the truth and she is devoting her life to expressing it. And she is on to something. Also on this show, Philip Mereton talks with Lynne Paul, an active member of Life Spectrums, one of the country’s oldest organizations dedicated to “eeking greater awareness through the inner quest for enlightenment.”