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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Using Laser Therapy In Scars Shows Amazing Results: Dr Lycka & Dr Donelan

Using laser therapy in scars shows amazing results: Dr Lycka & Dr Donelan “Almost too good to be true” is how Dr Matthias Donelan describes the amazing results being achieved using CO2 fractional laser therapy for the effective treatment of scars. Dr Donelan is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Shriners Hospitals for Children, Boston, Massachusets, and is the guest this week with Dr Lycka. Dr Donelan has been at the forefront of research and scientific breakthroughs using lasers to treat burns and other scars. He explains how he developed his ideas and how laser technology has developed so that it can be used to treat, modify and improve scars with the goal of restoring the patient closer to how they were before the injury. Dr Donelan also tells some heart-warming stories of how this latest laser scar treatment is changing the lives of scarred and injured children.