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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Hybrids Amongst Us, Part I

While science continues to infer that the question of whether Earth’s human population is “alone” among the vast array of star systems in the entire universe, Adam welcomes sculptor Cynthia Crawford, a “hybrid” whose parentage is comprised of human and extra-terrestrial origins.

Describing herself as feeling “different” even from the beginning of life – her blood and tissue type differed from her fraternal twin sister – Cynthia didn’t learn of her hybrid origins until she was an adult, when her father, who worked for the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the CIA, finally informed her.

Possessing psychokinetic abilities, among others, prior to an injury that caused the loss of 1/3rd of her brain, Cynthia nonetheless possessed an unusually diverse worldview that humanity has been ill-prepared to face.

By maintaining a policy of deceit and denial about its involvement with extraterrestrial and non-human Terran (Earth-native) intelligences, we have a lot to discover, not only about the life that lives among the stars and on earth, but about the powerful love that lives within each of us.

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