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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Busting Breast Cancer

Susan Wadia-Ells provides provocative information so every woman can bust the vicious breast cancer cycle that continues to spiral out of control. She reveals in her first e-book, Birth Control Drugs- Learn the Terrible Truth, the true concept of prevention not profits. Newer information includes never-before-published government statistics on the double digit annual increase in invasive breast cancer rates among U.S. women of childbearing age. Susan documents what is known about a woman’s increased breast cancer risk while she is using any of the dozens of contraceptive pills, patches, rings, implants, shots, or the Mirena, a hormone-based IUD sold on the U.S. market today. She also reveals why American women are forced to pay the monopoly price of $754 for the safest and most effective hormone-free reversible birth control method available…Don’t miss this interview.