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Exploring Gender Mysteries

Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – “Women Priests..(not a mistake)…a Blessing”

For centuries “little girls” choices were restricted by gender. Slowly women are creating new freedoms for “little girls” by challenging old and ignorant traditions. One of these freedoms is “priesthood”. Most of us think that “priests” must be a man but in recent history “women priests” have become a reality. Men-of-conscience have made it possible. Can women be effective spiritual leaders? Can they interpret the message of Christ? Dr. Ronald Madras is a married priest. A Meritus Professor from St. Louis University, studied at University of Tubinger in Germany. Author, lecturer, and, best of all, a splendid human being. He will be explaining why this step”forward” for women is a leap forward for humankind.
Listen and Learn!
 Follow-up summary of the show:
What you will realize from the conversation is shocking! Sexism is not an “accidental truth”. Sexism was/is a deliberate intention to exclude women from spiritual leadership in the Catholic Church. “Women Priests” who dare to lead, will be leading the Church back to Christ and we will see Him as He wanted to be seen.
Listen and learn!