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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Transforming Together Into Higher Consciousness with Michele Rae

Michele Rae, a transformational coach at The Center Within, begins by giving her favorite definition of “higher consciousness” as a huge interconnected field and web of which we are all part of. It also is about increasing awareness, intention and attentiveness. Our awareness enables us to notice and make meaning of various aspects of our lives. Awareness is the first step of becoming more in tune with consciousness, followed by intention and being responsive to what we observe in our inner and outer worlds.

As our awareness grows, we have access to higher levels of knowing including intuition and synchronicity. Benefits of increasing consciousness include a greater ability to serve others, live more fully, using our gifts and strengths and increasing feelings of abundance and gratitude. Michele discusses ways to become more open to these and other experiences via transformative practices including meditation, a HeartMath technique, journalling, loving kindness, mindfulness, body practices and more. It’s also important to find a community of “like-minded seekers” who support our intentions and awareness.

On December 21, Michele and several other holistic professionals will conduct a workshop in Minneapolis on developing higher levels of consciousness: Transforming Together: Awakening to Higher Consciousness. For more information please visit