Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Christmas Show

This special edition features a reading of Hovey’s original Christmas play, “A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus,” a cold Christmas at Copper Center, Alaska, making Southern cornbread dressing, recent activities and a sign-off from the Christmas Chipmunk.

The uninterrupted reading of the play is sponsored by Velcro Wall, the leader in child suspension systems, who introduces the “Rent a Dungeon” for the 2012 holiday season so you can hang up your kids for a couple of hours while they play Dungeon in a sound-proof room. Velcro also reminds listeners of their “Kid Harness Division” which allows kids to be harnessed up for doing healthy work such as pulling sleds, carts and plows, rather than getting no exercise while being transported in cars or being pushed around grocery stores in shopping carts.

Updates are given for Ursus, a once overweight yellow Lab, that has successfully undergone knee surgery and weight reduction; hunts related in the Blunderbuss Chronicles; an interesting deer-save with an 1858 replica percussion revolver and the still-pending results from Hovey’s standing for a re-examination for the renewal of his license as a Professional Geologist.

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