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Ripley Radio – Roadkill Nourishment & Money-Eating Mongrel

This week we feature a Florida woman who left $1,000 in cash on the kitchen counter only to be eaten by her dog! How she got it back may surprise you! We also discover that at least one pregnant woman craves roadkill, not ice cream.

Also on the December 17 episode of Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, we hear about the holiday activities at Ripley attractions across America. We talk with Michael Hirsch of the New York City Believe It or Not! museum who tells us about his month-long Ripley-style fun, which includes an opportunity to have a mini-Santa sit on YOUR lap! Kim Kiff, manager of the St. Augustine, Fla., Believe It or Not! museum describes her Santa’s Village and the city’s Nights of Lights and tells us that all Florida residents get into all the Ripley attractions state-wide for half-price in December.
In addition: We learn of Christmas customs of far-away lands: burning goats in Sweden, holiday meals at KFC in Japan, and defecating dogs in Spain; We learn that a bakery refused to bake a birthday cake for a child – named Adolf Hitler; and we hear that on Thanksgiving morning, a live turkey fell out of his nest, crashed through a window and landed inside a restaurant – that was not serving turkey for dinner!
Lady Antebellum provides our holiday musical egress this week with Baby, It’s Cold Outside.
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