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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Hybrids Amongst Us, Part II

The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has cast a pall over the psyche of America and the world, with the political machine ramping up to engage in another series of debates and arguments about gun control. This exercise, according to Adam would amount to a monumental waste of time and energy, as well as further infringement on individual liberty, since the real answer is simple; to replace hostilities with harmony, born of, and with love.

After sharing thoughts triggered by President Obama’s (12/16/2012) eulogy for the children and adults who exited this world through the event in Newtown, CT, Adam continues a remarkably on topic conversation with Cynthia Crawford, whose experience as a hybrid, as well as sculptor of extraterrestrial statuettes and figurines, has opened her to many uplifting and illuminating insights into the greatly expanded world that we live in.

The subject of healing is also explored, along with technology that has existed on earth for well over 60 years, but is STILL not used by medical science today.

You can ask yourself why not, but if you care about healing yourself or a loved one from disease, the answer won’t set too well.

We can all agree that now is a time of change; the question is how. The answer rests within each heart, for those who wish to open the door and let it shine.

Come in and sit a spell!

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