Spirituality and Philosophy

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™ – Scientifically Decoding The Divine

Join host Carol Romine and her guest, research scientist Dan Willis, as they venture a little deeper “down the rabbit hole” in order to connect the dots of our perceived physical reality to the true quantum nature of everything. Dan will discuss his scientific background, his experience as Dr. Marcel Vogel’s research assistant, and his mystical interaction with an interdimensional being that initiated his search to understand the interrelationship of energy, matter, geometry, and consciousness. You’ll learn that Dan’s search not only revealed how conscious intention affects the matter of our bodies, our world, and our universe—but that the energetic intention of thoughts can be scientifically recorded. You’ll be amazed as Dan discusses the Delawarr camera project, which utilized the principal of radionics and demonstrated the ability to tune in to anyone or anything—regardless of time or space … past, present, or future—to generate an image capturing the energy of the person or event. This is definitely a show that will capture your attention, blow open your mind, and leave you wanting to understand more about the fascinating fabric of the Divine that connects everything and everyone in our Universe.