Spirituality and Philosophy

Finding Your Supreme Power

Mark Brener & Cecil “Cece” Suwal

Finding Your Supreme Power – The Truth About Spiritual Awakening

Get a whole new outlook on life in this special interview. In this week’s show Cece and Mark have an incredibly uplifting conversation with don Jose Ruiz; son of the world-renowned spiritual teacher, don Miguel Ruiz, and coauthor of the bestselling book, The Fifth Agreement.
Awaken your spirit and relax your mind as you discover how to really enjoy the present moment – while taking control of your life’s destiny right now. You’ll also hear don Jose’s fascinating story on how he became blind and then regained his vision. Plus, learn about the special event he’s doing with his dad and family members Dec 17-21st!

You’ll find that this show in particular contains a treasure-trove of eye-opening wisdom…all yours in just 30 minutes…