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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

The Dog Connection – Raising Kids, Raising Dogs: What’s love got to do with it?

Most of us who love dogs and regard them as true members of our family can recall a time in our childhood when we had a distinct sensation of a special affinity with animals even though we knew they were “not people.” Embracing “other” while maintaining an appreciation and respect for their “otherness” actually made and continues to make the connection even more special.

In today’s conversation with child psychiatrist, humane educator and dog lover Dr. Sujatha Ramakrishna, we look at the similariies and differences between child-centered learning and dog-centered relationship-building. As with children, by respecting and honoring the dog’s point of view, communicating clearly, and keeping our expectations in line with the dog’s individual nature, we can create a solid relationship built on trust and understanding as opposed to rote obedience. The outcome is the same—a well adusted, confident, emotionally balanced member of the family.