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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – A Real Life Veterinary Columbo

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Dr. Alan Weldon, a Board Certified Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist. Dr. Weldon’s special interest lies in solving difficult medical mysteries. To that end, he has become extremely proficient in performing ultrasounds. Scores of veterinarians from South Carolina to Florida call upon him to help diagnose difficult cases. In fact, he travels so much his motto has become “Diagnose and Adios!” Dr. Weldon works on a wide variety of species, from small animals to horses. This experience has led to some very interesting stories, several of which Dr. Weldon shared with us on this program. In addition, he clarified many of the benefits of ultrasonography, over radiography. The discussion was fast paced, informational, and packed with humor. A must listen!
Dr. Rossi also covered several of the most recent discoveries in veterinary medicine, including some very surprising ones. The first study suggested that certain dietary supplements may actually improve canine behavior. The next story revealed that cataracts may sometimes be treated with certain dietary supplements. Dr. Rossi then shared information about kittens that were fed a wide variety of foods, and the major impact it has on their feeding behavior later in life. Finally, he issued two brief pet health warnings.

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