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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – Got a Lump in My Throat, My Fond Farewell… for No

“Today I had tears in my eyes. It’s the last show I’m doing for a while. Six and a half years almost to the day A FRESH START WITH SALLIE FELTON went on the air and what a journey it has been. This show is all about thanking you and where A FRESH START is headed: more TV interviews, You-Tubing tips and tools for what life throws at us, writing articles, tele-seminars, workshops, coaching and blogging. And I thought I was slowing down…lol. It’s a new fork in the road, different opportunities and new adventures awaiting me. I will not be invisible; you can always see what I am doing on my website, twitter, Fb, LinkedIn and such. I am just a click away. I wish each and ever one of you a Happy Holiday and a Very Safe New Year.”
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P.S. As a special thank you, I’m giving away to the first 5 lucky winners, 4 FREE ½ phone/Skype coaching sessions with me. So here’s your chance to move one step closer to your goal. How to get my “thank you”? Send me an email, sallie@salliefeltonlifecoach.com with the subject line: My Thank You and I will connect with you after the first of the year.