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Clutter Breakthrough

Kelli Wilson

Clutter Breakthrough – The Power of Setting Goals

Just the act of setting goals proves to be a winning mindset and activity. Don’t let mental clutter keep you from setting and achieving audacious goals for your life and business. So much depends on our attitudes ABOUT ourselves and what we want to accomplish. Join me and my guest, Founder and CEO of eWomen Network, Sandra Yancey, as we get to the heart of setting goals, living life full out and getting everything you want out of life. We both believe deeply in what the great Zig Ziglar taught; “You can have everything you want if you just help enough people get what they want.”

Sandra Yancey lives that in everything she has achieved, but not without her challenges. Listen in to our candid conversation about how setting goals and persevering can make the difference in EVERYTHING you do!