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Carly J. Cais

Creatively Chic – Where is a DIY Beginner to Start?

As a beginner to DIY, sewing, and crafting, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out where to start. My good friend Alexa Raquel Casciato (aka “Little Warrior”) is an amazing musician and vocalist who has released her first album, but is just getting started out in sewing and DIY. Join us as she asks the questions many beginners are faced with, like the must-have sewing tools for stocking your kit, figuring out how to use your machine (for free!), affordable fabric resources (like Harts Fabrics), and tricks to becoming an adept sewist. Also: jewelrymaking (and the best tools to use for it!), Pinterest as inspiration and project kickstarter, and how to deal with projects that just don’t go your way. Check out this week’s podcast to get those nagging how-to-start questions answered!