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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Laser Scar Correction Under The Microscope: Dr Lycka & Dr Ozog

Laser Scar Correction is the very latest technique to treat scars, and has shown amazing results. But what wasn’t fully known was why this treatment affected the scar in such a revolutionary way. This week joining Dr Lycka, we hear from Dr David Ozog, Vice Chair at Henry Ford Hospital and also a Mohs surgeon, whose desire to improve scars caused by the successful removal of skin cancer tumours led him to pioneering work on scar correction and prevention. Dr Ozog has been at the forefront of research and scientific breakthroughs into the biochemical changes that happen to the scar tissue and collagen after treatment with CO2 fractional lasers. He explains the questions he wanted to discover the answers for, and outlines in a easy to understand way what actually happens to the skin when scars form and then what happens when treated by the latest laser techniques.