Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Journey For Truth-Spirit Guide Sessions Offered

Tami leads you through a new episode in which she offers spirit guide sessions to two individuals. Both women were eager to hear whatever their guides had to say and responded positively to the information, though the information was not always comfortable to repeat to them. Everyone has guides and your guides have information to pass on to you and for you. You can listen on your own or you can seek out assistance in hearing the information through a medium. Listen to Jennifer’s information about something she forgot in childhood and needs to remember now. Listen to Lorraine’s information about her painful religious childhood, her seeking approval, and how it relates to a past life that her guides brought to her attention. Find out more about Tami at her website, Empowerment Through Healing, and join Tami on her business Facebook page!