Love and Relationships

The Truth About Relationships

David S. Wilde, LCSW, LSW, JD, CEAP

The Truth About Relationships – Parenting & Spiritual Lessons from the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

There are lots of angry (read: lonely and isolated) kids out there. Many in their rooms or in their basements, surfing the web, or often playing violent video games. We, as parents, need to be more connected, more loving, more understanding, and to have more and better communication with them. We also need to SEE the red flags — and to DO SOMETHING about them when we do see them. At the same time, we can all derive solace from the following FACT: These souls — children and adults — are not gone; their souls are simply not in their physical bodies anymore. They are our teachers; they came to teach us lessons. Are we listening?

Join our talk with Dr. Sam Von Reiche, spiritually-oriented clinical psychologist and success coach as we discuss the lessons we can learn from Newtown, Connecticut, including the fact that we are not our physical bodies.