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Kathryn McKinnon

Time Management Radio – : Do you make time for fitness? 5 easy ways to find time for exercise, increase your energy and maximize your productivity each day.

You may have over done it during the holidays and now you’re more determined than ever this year to shed those extra pounds and incorporate a workout into your schedule. How do make time in your busy day to fit in exercise and to take better care of yourself? How do you stay motivated?

Today we spent time with Amie Hoff, founder of Hoff Fitness LLC, creator of the FitKit line of health improvement products and author of the popular blog article, Fitting in Fitness. Hoff is an in-demand personal trainer and New York City-based fitness expert, dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world through better health.

Amie has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC and Good Morning America as well as all of the major health magazines, including Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health, the New York Times, Washington Post and Newsweek.

Amie shares her insights, best practices and easy ways to stay physically fit and motivated, to increase your personal energy and maximize your productivity each day. Want her tips? Listen to the show!