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Tragedy to Triumph

Victoria Mavis

Tragedy to Triumph – Repurposing your Life for 2013

The beginning of the year is a great time to repurpose your life for greater fulfillment during the next 365 days. Many people think repurposing means throwing away the old, or taking a complete change in direction, like get a new career. That may be part of it; it doesn’t have to be. Repurposing is enhancing what you have already built by defining your dreams and vision, matching it up to your personal inventory, and lastly, having the strength to make a change, despite hurdles and hardships. Join us as we talk to Jennifer Olson, a writer, financial planner, mom, and wife. Jennifer tells her story of going from employed and overwhelmed to having her dream career. She shares insights to help others find clarity as they reposition their life, and where to draw strength when facing hurdles.