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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – Voice of American Education: Real Heroes and Amazing Math Strategies For Our Children

Children’s role models these days are often rock stars, hip hop artists, sports figures, and action figures – not ordinary people doing extraordinary things – Walter Yates is just such an amazing ordinary man who has done incredible extraordinary things. His survival of a plane crash in Alaska and his life in the wilderness simply living off the land is the story of what humans can do and endure by using their brains and strengthening their bodies. He will tell us more about his story and his book BREAKAWAY. Niki Hayes is an educator that has a reputation as a woman who raises pit bulls, packs a gun, and raises hell about the State of Math Education” – her book The John Saxon’s Story: a Genius of Common Sense Math is one that shows the power of a methodology that helped children at risk to succeed in a subject in which they previously failed. It’s a must read for parents and teachers who are vested in the success of children. She is with us briefly to tell us about her marvelous book.

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