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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Pets, or Pests?!

Happy New Year Pet Lovers! Welcome back after a brief holiday break to another edition of WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY PET? with your vet, Dr. John Rossi–

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Clint Wilkinson, an animal rescuer who works with Wildlife Solutions, one of the largest animal rescue organizations in the United States. This is Clint’s second appearance, back by popular demand! This show featured a lively discussion and lots of “creepy” stuff… including a great deal more information about rodents. Clint began with a description of the cardinal signs of rodent infestation. These signs are important because many people never see a live rodent, so tune in to find out more! Clint also briefly mentioned the possibility of his involvement in a new TV show, called “Extreme Infestations.” In addition to rats and mice, he also spoke about squirrels, raccoons and opossums. You can reach Clint at 1-800-2GO-WILD (1-800-246-9453) or at:
Dr. Rossi also discussed recent concerns about the quality of certain compounded medications. One study found that the amount of medicine in one compounded product varied from between 40-152% of what was listed on the label! Another study he shared revealed some of the latest news about Injection Site Sarcomas in cats. Surprisingly, this study showed that sarcomas aren’t just associated with vaccines anymore.
Finally, Dr. Rossi wanted to give a special thanks for those who attended his most recent book signing in Florida in support of his latest (and most personal) book, “All Things Cold and Slimy.” This peek into veterinary medicine, as well as each title of his popular pet health series, “What’s Wrong With My Pet?” are available in hardback, softcover, and in e-format at,,, and now also, or just ask your local independent bookseller or pet store for a copy!