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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Introduction to Feng Shui Design

Join Wendy Kay for a Fun Discussion with Good Friend and Personal Feng Shui Practitioner/Designer, Linda Parker. Linda shares about the origin and basics of Feng Shui and How this Energy Work relates to You and What’s Going on in Your Life. Wendy shares some of her personal experience since the practice of Feng Shui entered her home over a year ago and the vast positive effects that it’s had on her own life.

The combination of Feng Shui with Design allows the changes that keep the energy moving in your living or office space, creating opportunities and changes in your life, can be done to be very pleasing to your personal tastes. Wendy is excited to share her new-found “Energy Advantage” with all the listeners of Practical Karma! And the Great part, is that if you have a difficult time finding a practitioner that also has the experience and ability to design for pleasing decor, her guest has “travel rates!” Find Linda at: Auspicious Inspirations

Find out how Feng Shui could serve as the “Energy Advantage” that you’ve been missing out on!