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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Cuddly…or Just Creepy?

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Ron Smith, the owner of a most unusual pet shop, named “House of Reptiles.” The average listener, however, might think of it as a “house of horrors” since the shop features snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders, tarantulas and scorpions! Nevertheless, Ron cheerfully explained why many people have a fascination and affinity for these animals, and explained some of the important factors needed for keeping them healthy in captivity. The legalities of owning reptiles were also discussed. Finally, Ron shared with us some of the challenges of running a large pet shop. You can find Ron and all of his closest “creepy” friends at
Dr. Rossi also discussed some of the latest pet news, including an interesting new twist on therapy dogs, the most contaminated place in your vet or doctor’s office, and just exactly what are the “dog days of summer?” Tune in to find out more!
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