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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Laser Scar Treatment: latest techniques, best results: Dr Lycka & Dr Tanzi

Laser Scar Treatment is the general name for the latest group of techniques which use different lasers in different ways to create life changing improvements in scars. And it is the mission of this weeks guest, Dr Elizabeth Tanzi to spread the word on how these latest laser scar treatment techniques work and what can be achieved with them. Dr Tanzi is co-director of the Washington Institute Of Dermatological Laser Surgery, and joins host Dr Barry Lycka for an uplifting discussion on just how far scar revision techniques have developed over the last 10 years, and what further exciting research breakthroughs are eagerly awaited by scar revision experts worldwide. If you have a new scar only a couple of weeks old, or if its been with you for 15 years, Dr Tanzi explains what laser scar reduction treatment can do for you in 2013.