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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Five Steps to a Great Fundraising Auction – 01/21/13

I’m pleased to have Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions back on the show this week. She is a charity auction educator and onstage auctioneer who has worked with nonprofits on more than 300 events. She also is a certified meeting planner. She’s one of my regulars because Sherry offers tips and tricks that can really make a difference for those of you who plan auctions. We want you to use your time well and enjoy it rather than pull your hair out and drive your family and the staff crazy.

This week, we begin at the beginning with 5 steps to a great fundraising auction. Most of us have attended fundraising auctions and some of us have even planned them. Often, we imitate what other organizations have done. But what if the auction we’re imitating wasn’t well planned? What if it could be 10 times better? How about if we start with a fresh point of view about auctions and solid information about our auction event?

I encourage you to check out Sherry’s book, What Sold Swell in 2012, so you get some great ideas for auction items. You’ll find other resources on her site as well.

This back-to-basics look at fundraising auctions will help new fundraisers but also, more experienced volunteers who never were grounded in solid auction best practices. Enjoy!