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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Discover Healing With Reiki

Have you been hearing about Reiki Healing, but Not Really Understand what Exactly that it is? This show gets into the nuts & bolts of it when Wendy Kay talks with Reiki Master Teacher, Livnam Kaur. Once you get a better understanding of How this Energy Healing Works & the Benefits that You will Enjoy from the Experience, you’ll realize that any time is a good time to call on a Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master to let your healing begin!

Reiki Can:
• Speed up Healing
• Heal Physical Issues
• Heal Emotional Issues
• Clear Karmic Blocks
• Heal Your Pets

A Healing ALWAYS takes place during a Reiki Session.

Reiki is a non-invasive, completely benign healing technique that’s becoming more and more popular. As western medicine continues to explore alternative methods of healing, Reiki is destined to play an important role as an accepted and valued healing practice. (