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Ripley Radio – Why The World Didn’t End, The Elephant Man & Top Medical Maladies

This week on Ripley Radio – the official broadcast partner of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, we listen to James Papp, an expert on the Mayan culture as he tells us why the world didn’t end in December as predicted by so many. Also we hear from Brent Sicard, who went from being the janitor of a grocery store chain to become its part-owner and CEO – Believe It or Not!
Other Strange Stories We Captured for the January 21 Episode: Jodi Pliszka visits us and lists the top weird medical maladies she reported on in 2012; In his segment, Jackpottin’ with James Taylor, the sideshow historian tells the strange tale of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man; Edward Meyer, Ripley’s archivist unveils the top exhibits he acquired during 2012; and TV reporter Scott Fais tells us about a train ride that takes us into the wilderness and back, all in the name of entertainment.
Seven Day Week, this week’s musical egress is compliments of the Detroit-based band, JTX.