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Wake Up America: Get Real!

Don Gould

Wake Up America: Get Real! – Reverend Flip Benham’s – Operation Save America!

As the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Abortion decision known as Roe v. Wade rolls round this week, Don looks into the battle against the genocide of our nation’s future citizens. In the 40 years since this unbelievable Pro-Abortion decision more than 55 million unborn babies have been terminated in Abortion Mills across America. Reverend Flip Benham unrelentingly takes up the cross daily to stop this ongoing American genocide through his organization, Operation Save America. In this eye-opening interview, Rev. Benham describes how he pursued and brought a number of key abortion activists including Jane Roe to Christ and to the Pro-Life movement. Flip also describes his various encounters with law enforcement and a number of incarcerations during which he taught fellow prisoners to read and also brought many to Jesus Christ.