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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Ralph Ring and the Infinite Power of Natural Law

We love our technology. In fact, we define ourselves, as well as our culture and civilization, on the basis of technological advancements that appear as magic to the world of even 50 years ago. At the same time we’ve turned away from nature, all virtually all things natural, all at a dear price that many continue to play, but few seem to see.

Adam’s guest, Ralph Ring, has embraced, explored, and realized that the gateway to the Infinite, is through alignment with Nature, not through Its suppression. Indeed, the suppression of Nature remains an unacknowledged problem for humanity which, fortunately, can be solved by opening our eyes and hearts.

Ring was part of one of the shortest, but most profound journeys into quantum possibility imaginable in the late-1950’s, and early 1960’s building with Otis T. Carr, a 45 ft. diameter disc craft that could safely transport its occupants from point A to point B at virtually the speed of thought. In fact, it succeeded in its first and only voyage, of a mere 10 miles.

The journey was more like teleportation, occurring in an instant, than conventional transportation. It required no fossil fuels to be burned, produced no pollution. It was not reverse engineered by ET’s. It was created by intelligent men who observed, respected, and employed the Laws of Nature, or Creation.

A protégé of Nikola Tesla, Otis T. Carr guided the project. Ralph Ring is the lone remaining member of the crew that took its only voyage.

Rejected by General Motors, who feared that this craft would disrupt or destroy the world economy, their plans to introduce their craft to the general public through a series of flights around the country were shut down when government agents arrived unannounced at their facility and seized everything.

Today the automotive industry congratulates itself when it rolls out “smart” automobiles that get 40 mpg automobiles, ignoring or concealing the inherent, and correctable inefficiencies in engine design that could yield triple the mileage, through retrofitting, with vehicles that are already on the road. Our expectations of industry, and of human intelligence, is held and maintained at artificially low levels, otherwise these conditions could not, and would not persist.

Rain forests wouldn’t be cut down. Water sources wouldn’t be contaminated with chemicals. Foods wouldn’t be stripped of nourishment as a standard farm practice, or loaded with covert and cryptic chemicals that upset the human neurosphere. People whose health has faltered due to these chemical and environmental onslaughts wouldn’t be subject to more chemical and energetic attach when they go to a doctor, whose mandate is thought to be healing. And yet, all of the above represent the signature of our current age.

And form the basis of new choices that we must consider; do we continue to turn our technological backs to Nature? Or do we embrace it?

Join Adam in this, the opening part of an afternoon conversation with Ralph and his wife Marsha. If you listen carefully, you’ll find answers to many questions that, for too long, we have been unwilling to ask.

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