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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Preparing for nonprofit technology purchases – 01/28/13

I just heard about a nonprofit that spent much more than it needed to on hardware and software the staff doesn’t need or have time to learn. The organization’s decision-makers became enamored by the technology and did not spend their money well. It’s a common problem.

My guest this week is Allen Gunn, executive director of Aspiration, a San Francisco-based organization that helps nonprofits and foundations use software tools more effectively and sustainably. He and his staff serve as allies, coaches, strategists, mentors and facilitators to nonprofits who want to make sure their technology impacts their social change efforts.

We discuss how to approach technology decisions so you make choices that support you and your staff in doing better work more efficiently. Also, some of the ideas that Allen shares will help you write a proposal for funding of technology to increase your capacity to serve more people.

A perfect companion Nonprofit Spark interview is one with Randy Romes of CliftonLarsonAllen in September of 2012: Creating standards for using your computer hardware and software.

This week’s show is fast-paced and full of common-sense ideas. I hope you enjoy it.