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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – “ACT” on Fleas & Ticks!

Dr. Rossi’s special guest this week is Dr. Kathleen Heaney, Associate Director of Scientific Marketing Affairs at Merck Animal Health. Dr. Heaney explained how Merck’s new flea and tick treatment product Activyl works. Activyl features Indoxacarb, a chemical totally unknown to fleas, and for which there is no known resistance. This new chemical undergoes bioactivation, in which enzymes inside the flea activate the lethal nature of the chemical. The property of Activyl makes it a unique and effective product for use on both dogs and cats.
Dr. Heaney then described Activyl Tick Plus, which adds the tick controlling power of permethrin. While extremely effective, this product is ONLY for use in dogs. This new product appears to be a fantastic alternative to flea control. Pet owners are strongly encouraged to listen as Dr. Heaney shares many details about this exciting new product ONLY available through veterinarians, as well as finding more info online at
Dr. Rossi also discussed a recent study about the prevalence of a normally tropical disease within the US spread by Kissing Bugs called Chagas’ Disease. This study found that while dogs usually show no clinical signs, they may serve as a source of infected blood for vector insects. Previous studies have shown that there is a definite correlation between the presence of infected dogs and the number of human Chagas’ Disease cases in Latin America. Hence, clients with dogs in rural areas of the US should be aware of the risk for this disease, even though it is believed to be rare in the US. Dr. Rossi then listed acceptable plants for use around cats, and you’ll just have to listen to hear more about how to keep your kitties safe!

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