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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Protect Your Child! How to Empower, Not Scare Your Child and Prevent Sexual Abuse

Paula Felps, author of the Sexual Abuse Resource Guide and Pedophiles Don’t Discriminate! joins Family Connections for a great discussion on the prevalence of sexual assaults on children, and basic prevention strategies. Parents frequently stress about this topic, but may not be sure about how to talk with their kids without scaring them. This program provides a frank discussion about childhood sexual abuse, with an emphasis on empowerment and self-advocacy. Parents will be able to identity risky situations, teach their children safe behaviors, and learn what to do and how to respond if a sexual abuse disclosure is made. Raising kids can be a stressful experience, and this episode of Family Connections promises to give parents greater skills and strengths to create healthy and empowered kids.