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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Corporate Transformation to Full Cycle Sustainability

With Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic Sustainability Consultants
There is no question that the shift to a sustainable culture requires all corporate hands on deck. The early, primitive age of our global consumer culture is giving way to a new era where we design products with a “cradle to cradle” approach, taking into account materials sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, use, reuse, and recycled materials. Sustainable business practices are fast evolving as successful models are tested, refined and replicated. In this insightful discussion, long time sustainability consultant Gil Friend observes that “the work we are doing in the sustainability game requires nothing less than transforming the economy of the entire planet –and in one generation.” He has been working for many years to provide companies with the tools they need to gather and analyze data, manage programs and use online “dashboards” for planning, mapping and tracking operations – to realize not only the social and environmental benefits of sustainable business practices, but also the profound financial rewards. This information-intense exchange reveals encouraging progress and possibilities for our rapid global transition to a “triple bottom-line” economy and the pioneering work Friend’s Natural Logic consulting group is doing with major corporations to pave the way.