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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Aging skin: from science to art of skin rejuvenation: Dr Lycka & Dr Kormeili

Aging skin and the science behind the signs of aging is the subject this week. And providing a woman’s’ perspective on watching our faces age is our guest, Dr Tanya Kormeili, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, from Santa Monica. Dr Kormeili became interested in the science of aging skin, from observing herself, family & friends and wanting to know what the processes were which gave the appearance of aging skin. Dr Kormeili explains the typical types, signs and causes of aging and discusses with host Dr Barry Lycka how aging affects different areas of the face. From understanding the science, the two doctors highlight the exciting new anti aging skin treatments available which when combined with the artistry of a skilled professional, can create facial skin rejuvenation, with natural, healthy, younger looking skin. Get rid of that tired look, and listen to today’s show.