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Today’s Parents – What We Need To Teach Our Daughters

In today’s society where girls are increasingly self-conscious about their body image, self-concept and relationship with the opposite sex, what do we as parents need to teach them in order to equip them for womanhood?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks to family therapist, parenting expert and Director of The Stone Center for Counseling and Leadership, Leslie Petruk about what we need to teach our daughters. Listen and learn about:
• A mistake many parents make that lowers their daughter’s self-esteem despite the best of intentions;
• How to make sure our daughters don’t grow up to be people-pleasers;
• What to do to instill a healthy body image in our daughters;
• How to talk to our daughters about their body image if they are teased for being overweight or fat;
• How to encourage our daughters to have a healthy relationship with food;
• When and How to talk about sexuality with our daughters;
• How to teach our daughters about relationships and friendship.
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