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Wake Up America: Get Real!

Don Gould

Wake Up America: Get Real! – Obama’s Weak and Irresponsible Foreign Policy Fails on All Fronts

From the time President Obama was inaugurated in 2009 he has pursued a weak and irresponsible Foreign Policy that has placed Americans at greater risk than any time since the American Civil War. He actually seems to believe he is the Piped Piper of Hamelin who in the Middle Ages blew on his magic pipe and led the children of the German town away never to return. In this incompetent American President’s case he seems to actually believe he can turn on his overblown rhetoric and the world will follow him into a peaceful utopia from which we will never return. His belief defies logic based on his own atrocious track record. He promoted and supported the Arab Spring with his rhetoric, weapons and direct military support from US and NATO forces. The Arab Spring brought Radical Islam (Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, etc) to power in many Middle East countries. As riots and unrest are again spreading across the Middle East, the Radical Islamists Obama helped bring to power are murdering their own people in the streets This Incompetent President’s promised peaceful solution with Iran has failed as Iran continues to negotiate and stall while continuing their pursuit of Nuclear Weapons with all haste. Don and Suzette will discuss Obama’s many foreign policy failures in this episode of Wake Up America: Get Real!