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Talk for Food – Posthumous Wisdom: Joe Blankenship Reveals the True, Forgotten Power of Gold

Joe Blankenship is another little-known unheralded American treasure who worked with many of the greatest scientists and thinkers of our time.

Edward Teller, Ralp Bergstresser (close associate of Nikola Tesla), Zacharia Sitchin, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are among the many luminaries who influenced, or were influenced by Joe Blankenship, who developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the history and power of gold.

Not just “gold,” as we’ve come to know it, as the “precious metal” that adorns ears, fingers and other expensive things, but gold that, to ancient ancestors, who may not even have been of this world, meant the continuation of life.

Virgin gold.

Gold of today has taken on more of a ceremonial role, being “of value” because we say it’s of value. Its value is more the effect of hype than substance (much like the Facebook IPO). This disparity is due primarily because the essential element that gave gold its value, i.e., the ability to sustain and enhance life, has been all but removed by the toxic measures, the use of cyanide and mercury, employed in its mining.

In other words, virgin gold, as a component in monoatomic “ormus” products (often in white powder form), is a natural healing agent that has, in effect, been severely hampered by “modern” mining practices.

Joe Blankenship understood this. He also understood the similarities between gold and magnetite (Fe3O4), and saw some very interesting opportunities.

Self-taught, he learned much about how magnetite could be used to help ease human suffering from the effects of ungrounded “dirty” energy that millions are exposed to daily.

Today’s show consists of a portion of a sharing that Joe Blankenship—now in his 80’s, dealing with issues related to cancer, and wanting to share his knowledge with a sense of limited time—agreed to give to Adam.

He wanted to do more… but that was not to be, as Joe Blankenship left this world on the morning of December 25, 2012.

Listen and appreciate the Giants that are yet amongst us, as we discover and learn from one who departed before we knew.