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Exploring Gender Mysteries

Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – “Journey of a ‘Left-Handed’ Woman”

Most of us fear what we feel is different about us. Left-handed people show their “difference” every time they pick up a spoon or sign their name. Many children are “forced” to be “right-handed” when being “left-handed” feels more comfortable. Dr. Lewis will use this topic to explain the long-term confusion that results from discrimination we think are normal. Her guest, Claudia, an author who has just published her first book about Fredda, a left-handed girl who goes on a journey to find acceptance.
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Follow-up summary of the show:
Claudia gets personal with this discussion of her left-handedness. It is her childhood experience that inspired Claudia to write a series of novels about “left-handed” people. This interesting discussion may blow-your-mind.
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