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In Search of Fertility

Victoria Hopewell

In Search of Fertility – Infertility and the Mind/Body Connection

A diagnosis of infertility can be as stressful as having cancer. Now you can learn how to reduce the stress by using techniques that stem from the mind/body connection. In fact in the end you may be able to achieve positive life change from having undergone the hardship of infertility. Today we will speak with Helen Adrienne. She is the author of the book On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility. She also is a licensed psychotherapist who counsels those dealing with infertility. You can contact Helen at 212 758 0125 or go to her website http://mind-body-unity.com

We also have a bonus interview today. This is a follow-up from the previous radio show episode to learn more about the Attain IV Program. Sharon Brooks shares must know details about the IVF refund program. You can check out Attain’s website at attainivf.com