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Jenny Kerr

Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money – Making Your Dream a Reality & Keeping Your Sanity

Do you want to change the world? I mean really change it by taking an idea you have an making a difference? We’ve touched on this a little bit in previous episodes but this week we dig deeper into making your dream a reality. Join me as I talk to Sylvia Browder, Founder & CEO of National Association of Women on the Rise. If you thought you were busy ladies, think again! Syliva is going to share with us how she balances entrepreneurship with a full time job, 5 kids and a husband AND manages to stay sane! Sylvia has 25 years of experience and has some great pointers for you on making your dream become a reality. We talked in January this year about making setting your goals and dreams in 2013 so if you have an idea but your not sure how to get started, tune in as Sylvia and I offer you some insight and ideas to get you moving forward.