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Kathryn McKinnon

Time Management Radio – Leverage Your Time with Innovation

Do you know how to leverage your time so you get the most value from it? If you do too much, if you try to do everything yourself, if you believe no one can do the job without your help, then you’re missing opportunities to get things done and accomplish your goals more quickly.

When you hire someone, delegate tasks, put systems in place or use innovations in technology to automate daily tasks that can help you save time, you’re leveraging your time and getting the most value from it. Leverage means doing more with less. It allows you to trade time and work smarter, not harder with your time.

My guest today is Heather Campion, a business leader who knows how to leverage her time. She’s the Chief Administrative Officer of Able Banking, a new innovation in business that puts banking totally online and helps customers save time and money while giving back to the community.

Discover how Heather leverages her time while managing a new innovation in business. You’ll find out where she puts her focus and the one thing she does every day that gives her perspective and sets the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll hear about time management skills you can develop and use today to leverage your time. And we’ll discuss the 2 things you can do to help recalibrate during the day to let go of some of the stress that builds up so you can use your time more effectively.

Heather is offering a special promotion. Receive $25 when you open an account with Able Banking. You’ll also receive $50 to give to any charity of your choice. Listen to the show to get the promo code and take advantage of this special offer.