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Talk for Food – When a Government ‘Hits’ its Citizens

The Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder recently instructed his department to explain to the American public the legal basis for targeting American citizens to be assassinated by drone fire.

The result was a 16-page White Paper titled, “The Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who Is a Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qa’ida or an Associated Force”. The document laid the foundation of Obama Administration thinking with regard to the legal, if not ethical, basis for such strikes, even though two of the three American citizens that have been killed thus far met none of the aforementioned criteria.

Adam asks the question why we need to ask the Attorney General, who also held a press conference to further explain the Administration’s position, to tell us what their thinking is legally sound, when it clearly goes against the proclaimed government mandate of “keeping American’s safe.”

On the domestic side, Adam tells the story of Daniel Smith, who was taken into custody February 6, 2013, by the same Justice Department, which obtained an indictment against him for his company’s sales of MMS, the “Miracle Mineral Supplement.”

Being closer than the average consumer to this story, as well as to the defendants in this case, Adam outlines some facts that the Justice Department, who acted at the behest of the FDA, overlooked.

Is it okay for a government to use murder, fabrications, and lies in order to “keep its citizens safe?” On the other hand, how “safe” can anyone be if government officials, at their whim, can decide who to kill, or who to defame?

For more information on the Daniel Smith case, visit Adam’s blog, Thought For Food.

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