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Caregiver Help Radio – What’s Funny About Dementia?

The word “Alzheimer’s” has the power to strike fear in our hearts and send chills through our bodies. The thought of losing our memories and the connection to our loved ones is terrifying and heartbreaking. Based on the seriousness of the disease, you might fail to see the humor in the sometimes surprising behaviors exhibited by individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases. You might even think that life in a dementia facility is a living hell for the residents as well as the people who care for them. According to Dorothy Tucker, a retired nurse who worked in nursing homes and on dementia units for 30 years, nothing could be further from the truth. Join us as we talk about the nursing home industry and how it has changed, and about reality from the perspective of a person with dementia. To learn more about understanding and managing the sometimes surprising behaviors of people with Alzheimer’s, visit Dementia Issues on Elaine’s caregiver support website And if you’d like to read excerpts from Elaine’s mother’s letters, visit Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver