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Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Reclaiming the Water Commons: Moving Beyond Bottled Water, With Michael Davis, CEO of U.S. Pure Water

This conversation explores the essential resource of water and the growing movement to radically reduce our use of bottled water – as individuals, companies, restaurants and governments. Guest Michael Davis is a water expert, activist and entrepreneur. His U.S. Pure Water Corporation is a mission driven full spectrum water treatment service company in Northern California that saved the City and County of San Francisco over $1 million by converting their offices from bottled water and standard water coolers to bottleless water coolers. The discussion also touches on broader developments in water conservation and the need for this basic human need to be made available to all global citizens through the process of “reclaiming the water commons,” and groups who are working toward this end including the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Food and Water Watch and the Blue Planet Project.