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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Dr.
Matthew Edlund
author of his newest book” Healthy Without Health Insurance.”
Dr. Edlund is an internationally recognized expert on helping his patients
obtain real health- physical, mental, social and spiritual. Dr. Edlund is
the Chief of the Center for Circadian Medicine in Sarasota, Florida and
previous books include “The Power Of Rest”

“Designed To Last” and “The Body Clock Advantage.”

As listeners of “Healing From Within” know the show is geared to assist us
all learn more about our bodies and physical life, our emotions and
spiritual influences for developing approaches or solutions to health issues
enabling us to make choices for developing a healthier lifestyle. Exercise
and movement, proper diet and water, nourishing relationships and the
pursuit of hobbies, even having a dog could be ways to regenerate health
via thought patterns that foster happiness and wellbeing.

As Dr. Edlund and I discuss our hopes for children and adults alike to
embrace new activities and health practices, it becomes clear that active
participation in the community can be part of your wellness plan. It is my
pleasure to talk with Dr. Edlund about my son Gregg Glick who is an active
participant in the yearly fundraiser for This
wonderful association train and place dogs with Type 1 diabetics. The dogs
help their owners to monitor their blood sugar levels which is a big part of
protecting the health of a diabetic. My son has a gentle and loving
helper Trajan, who is part of his plan for managing his Type 1 diabetes and
brings so much love to the family. Careful diet, proper exercise, the
management of stress, and balancing work and recreational activities along
with plenty of rest are ways to also control any health challenge. It would
be wonderful if more dogs could be trained and be placed in homes to
assist diabetics in maintaining their health.

In discussing the state of American health care it becomes apparent that
educating and assisting the population to take more responsibility for their
own health is more practical than pouring more money and resources in health
care management. We should be fostering forms of preventive means to create
healthier individuals, rather than allowing damaging behaviors to escalate
into serious health issues such as heart disease, mood disorders,mental
illness and other life threatening diseases. People’s health is about lots
of factors other than health care.

Dr. Edlund suggests we give up our outmoded Degeneration Model of our
physical bodies and mindset that tells us our bodies are machines doomed to
break down. The model we should be following is a Regeneration Model
recognizing our thoughts and actions assist our cells to continually
recreate themselves. We are organisms internalizing new information to adapt
and get smarter to deal with old and new stresses to the body and immune
system. Humans are a complex ecosystem and have 10 trillion human cells and
100 trillion bacteria in the gut alone. Many bacteria could become pathogens
if we did not control them. Our thoughts and our behavior either support or
contribute to the breakdown of the body leading to disease and distress or
to health.

Dr. Edlund describes the Berkman-Syme studies of the 1970’s that showed
people with more social connections had fewer strokes, less heart disease
less depression even decreased tumors. We are social animals. The more
people we connect with the longer we live.

In talking about the Internet and technology as with all other aspects of
our physical life, moderation and appropriate usage is required to maintain
healthy normal energy levels.

Dr. Edlund’s book is a thought provoking look at the changing needs of our
medical system, insurance coverage, and practical information about
nutrition, exercise practices, vitamin supplements and choices improving our
work and personal relationships. We all hope to enjoy a good quality of life
while learning and practicing a healthier lifestyle. It is possible and it
is necessary, and is our individual responsibility to create health for
ourselves and those we love. For more information on “Healthy Without
Health Insurance” and other books by Dr. Matthew Edlund please go to