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Today’s Parents – How To Make Learning Easy & Enjoyable For Your Kids

Are your kids having trouble paying attention in the classroom?

Do they find school and learning mundane and boring?

Want to enhance their learning experience? This show is for you.

In this show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with learning expert, award-winning trainer and educator Sarah Singer-Nourie about the different ways people learn and how this information can help you better support your children’s learning experience. Listen in as Sarah talks about:
• The three different modalities of learning;
• How to identify which modality is your primary way of learning and which modalities your children learn with;
• How differences in the way we learn may create conflict in our relationship with our children and spouse;
• How to make learning enjoyable for your kids; and
• How to engage your children’s teachers to help support their learning in the classroom.

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