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Wine Without Worry

Jameson Fink

Wine Without Worry – Rare Grapes in a Unique Place: Washington State’s Whidbey Island Winery

Washington State has become famous for its wine. Critics have given some bottles perfect scores and put them at the top of year-end lists. But the vast majority of these wines come from Eastern Washington. Quietly, wineries on the Puget Sound off the coast of Western Washington are making distinctly delicious wines from such curious and rare grapes as Sigerrebe, Madeleine Sylvaner, and Madeleine Angevine. Where did these grapes come from? Why do they thrive on an island? I talk with Leah Waaramaki, Assistant Winemaker at Whidbey Island Winery, to find out. In an industry dominated big names and familiar grapes, here’s a unique and charming story to reinvigorate your faith in wine.