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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Paralyzed from the Neck Down, Not the Neck Up!

Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night and hearing that your athletic, healthy 23-year-old son has had an accident. You arrive at the hospital as he’s being prepared for surgery. The doctor tells you that your son’s neck is broken and he will be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. If the surgery is successful, he won’t have to live on a respirator. That’s the best you can hope for. Where do you go from there? Join us as we talk to Jake French and his mother Margaret. Jake is now 27. He’s become a motivational speaker, JakesFrenchInspires, and he’s the author of Life Happens, Live It. Discover how this mother-son team have taken what appeared to be an unthinkable tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to create a business that helps and inspires others. Find out how Jake French’s “FACTS of Life”: Focus, Attitude, Choice, Thanks, and a Smile can make a difference in your life.